About Us

Yūgō is Japanese for fusion. We bring fusion to all the foodies who are better at eating than they are at cooking (or finding the time to cook). As our brand implies, we combine flavours from well-loved cuisines to create unique 'fusion sauces' that you can use on anything (seriously, anything, we’ve even tried them on ice cream). Because we use only the highest quality ingredients, you can use our sauces hot or cold as a marinade, to stir into food while cooking, or to pour over the finished product.



Yugo started when founder Renad Sheraif was at university. Here is the story in her own words.

"I love food (really, who doesn’t?), but I was the stereotypically broke student, not because I partied hard (much to my friends’ dismay), but because my budget was constantly being blown buying obscure spices to experiment with, sampling the local street food, or ordering something off Deliveroo (so food, food, and even more food).

After being treated to dinner at a super fancy fusion restaurant, I was wowed by the complex Willy Wonka-esque flavour combinations (as well as the mind-blowingly large bill), and was left with two questions:

1- Why couldn’t I experience these fabulously flamboyant flavours without breaking the bank?

2 - And how could I create a product that would save me (and you!) having to spend hours prepping, slicing, dicing, and doing all manner of other things I don’t have the patience for, to achieve all that fabulousness? 

After feeling seriously hangry, I decided to embark on a journey of sauce-discovery to bottle up these extravagant restaurant experiences into affordable and easy-to-use sauces. The idea grew (as did the mess in our kitchen), and with the help of many an unwitting taste-tester (mostly my course mates, who are from over 30 different countries), this whole new concept and range of flamboyant fusion sauces and pastes was born, Yūgō.

I made these sauces for you to experiment with, so be adventurous! They’re easy to use, and whether you’re making dinner for your friends (#adulting), or something quick for your Netflix binge; these are your perfect kitchen sidekick.

Stay bougie,

Renad x"

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