Frequently Asked Questions


Our stir-in pastes can be used hot or cold, before, during or after cooking.

You can use them to marinate meat/tofu before cooking, or toss your veggies in before roasting. You can stir some into a stir-fry or as a pasta sauce, or you can drizzle onto your food at the table, use them to dip your chips in, or use them as salad dressing.

They’re made to be extremely versatile, so don’t be afraid to experiment! If you need some inspiration to get started, we have some suggestions on each product page, or you can have a look at our Instagram page.


All our products are manufactured in a facility that handles allergens.

For information about allergens in each product, please visit the specific product page.

Our products are contain no ingredients with gluten or dairy, but they’re manufactured in a facility which handles both gluten and dairy (as well as all 14 allergens), therefore we can’t guarantee they’ll be 100% gluten or dairy free.

For more information about ingredients in each product, please visit the specific product page.

All our products are suitable for vegetarians, and our Curried Sun-Dried Tomato Stir-In Paste is suitable for vegans.

We’re currently working on removing the honey from our Miso Chipotle Stir-In Paste and Chipotle Garni Hot Sauce to make our entire line suitable for vegans, so stay tuned!

For more information about ingredients in each product, please visit the specific product page.

Our Miso Chipotle Stir-In Paste and Chipotle Garni both contain honey. Our Curried Sun-Dried Tomato Stir-In Paste has apricot preserve, which has sugar in it.

For more information about ingredients in each product, please visit the specific product page.

Xanthan gum is a sugar produced by bacteria (typically found in corn). It’s a thickening agent we use to make our Miso Chipotle Stir-In Paste more concentrated, so you can use less for the same amount of flavour.

Nope. None of our ingredients are GMO, and our miso uses non-GMO soy.

Our products are made in a specialist sauce factory in Portsmouth.

You should find a best before date on the bottom of each jar/bottle. Once you’ve opened your jar/bottle, it should be stored in the fridge, and it will last up to one month.

We encourage you to smell/taste anything before tossing it, as products may last longer, and it helps avoid unnecessary food waste.

We’re so sorry to hear that! Please email with as much information as you can. Please include the batch code and Best Before Date, as well as photos where possible so that we can properly investigate your complaint.


Yes, our jars and bottles are fully recyclable. Just be sure to rinse them out and remove the lids, which aren’t recyclable, before putting them in your recycling bin.


Unfortunately, we currently only ship to the UK through our online store. If you live in Europe, Amazon UK will be able to deliver our products to you.

You’ll get an email confirmation once you’ve placed your order, and another email once your parcel has been shipped. The email confirming your parcel has been shipped will have a link you can use to track your parcel.

Unfortunately, you cannot amend/cancel your order after it’s been placed. Please ring us as soon as possible, and we might be able to do it for you manually if it hasn’t yet been dispatched.

We hope you love your sauce as much as we do, but if for some reason you change your mind and want to send something back, we will accept returns for up to 30 days. Provided we receive the sauce in its original condition, we’ll issue a full refund.

For more details please take a look at our Returns page.


You can find us at Whole Foods Market and on Amazon. For more details please take a look at our Where To Buy page.

Exciting! If you’re interested in stocking us please email or fill out the form on our Contact Us page.


Our products are not dietary supplements, however, because of all the balanced nutrients and plant-protein, they may help improve your overall diet! Every BODY is different, and everyone requires a different amount of food and nutrients, so please consult with a professional for more information on diet/weight-loss programs. 

Our products have a long shelf life, but they do all each include expiry dates. Please make sure to read what the expiry date is on each package, and enjoy before that! 

All of our packaging is 100% recyclable. The mailers/shipping packaging is also 100% compostable – being environmentally friendly and sustainable is a top priority for us. 

Absolutely! There are no ingredients that would be harmful to either. However, if you are concerned, you may want to consult with your health care professional. 


If you don't love our products, please contact us within 14 days of purchase to set up a refund. Please note, we may require proof of purchase to consider your refund request.

Currently, we only ship within Canada and the United States. We are working on shipping internationally though, so hold tight! We appreciate your patience and interest :)

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